Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A promise fulfilled, ………….. but my fight against corruption will go on

I am writing after a long time. As a matter of fact, it is the first occasion since the results of the Bihar assembly election came out in November last year that I am sharing my thoughts with you.

It tickles me to be connecting with you again through this blog. I would begin by thanking the people of the state for their wholehearted support and unflinching faith in our government.

Many people from different parts of the world asked me in the past few months as to why I stopped writing my blogs. To be honest, I had not stopped writing this blog altogether. I was just waiting for a worthwhile moment to connect with you online. Now, that time has come.
Last week, our government finally demonstrated something that I had been rather passionate about all the while We have opened a primary school in the house of a senior government official facing a disproportionate assets case. Last Thursday, we shifted a primary school for underprivileged children into this house in Patna, seized under the Bihar Special Courts Act which our government had enacted last year.

This building, confiscated recently by the Patna district administration following a directive from a special court trying corruption cases in the state, was handed over to the Human Resources Department which subsequently converted it into a primary school in no time.

This Act empowers the competent authority to confiscate the movable and immovable property of a public servant even during the trial. Our government has set up six special courts for the speedy trials in corruption cases.

Such was a moment I had been patiently waiting for all these months to resume my blog writing. When it finally happened I decided to share my thoughts with you.

The opening of a school in this building is no ordinary event, to say the least In fact, this has happened for the very first time in the country. It embodies our government’s resolve to address corruption, even as it is being touted as a practicable measure to deal with incidences of corruption.

The basic objective of the state's anti-graft legislation is to instill a sense of fear in the minds of corrupt public servants. I think the provision for the confiscation of the assets of the accused will act as a deterrent among the public servants indulging in unscrupulous practices to earn wealth. When they see that their property earned through corrupt practices is ultimately seized by the government, they will realise the futility of amassing wealth. Our aim is to inflate the component of “loss” to such deterrent levels that it automatically defeats the notion of “gain” that impels people into dubious and corrupt pursuits to amass wealth.

Before this Act came into force, corruption cases against public servants used to drag on for years. In fact, the accused used to hire the best of lawyers to fight their cases while enjoying the fruits of their ill-gotten money. There was no law for the confiscation of their property during trial.

The bid to confiscate the property of the corrupt public servants had started soon after the setting up of the fast-track courts but it got delayed because of the legal processes involved. When the special courts ordered confiscation of property of a few accused, they moved the superior courts to seek stay. But the decks were recently cleared for opening a school in one of the buildings owned by an accused after the Patna High Court upheld the validity of the Act.

This should serve as a warning to all those public servants who have acquired ill-gotten money In the coming months, many more buildings are likely to be seized and turned into schools, night shelters or any centre related to public utility across Bihar.

I find it useful here to dispel doubts about who would constitute a public servant. I think that the nature and scale of public role and responsibility being handled by an individual must be the key to deciding his /her categorization as a public servant. Clearly thus, peoples’ representatives like MLAs, MPs, and ministers, besides the category of officials would fall under the “public servant’ nomenclature.

During my assembly election rallies last year, I had made a promise to the people of Bihar I had told them that I would open schools in the buildings of the corrupt public servants. When it finally happened this week I thought I had fulfilled my promise.

But that does not mean that our government had not been doing anything to tame the scourge of corruption since winning the elections last year. We took many landmark initiatives to minimize red-tapism and check corruption at all levels. Firstly, I decided to put the details of my assets as well as those of the members of the council of ministers on the official website of the state government.

This was followed by the decision of our government to make it mandatory for all government employees, up to Group III staff, to declare their assets on the official websites. From the Chief Secretary to all the Group III employees, everybody subsequently posted the details of their property on the government websites.

I also decided to get the Local Area Development Fund of legislators abolished because it had come under the cloud. There were several complaints about the way this scheme was executed across the state. I thought it was better to abolish this fund altogether and introduce an alternate, more transparent scheme involving the legislators to ensure all-round growth of the state.

During my visits to different parts of Bihar, I am often confronted with people complaining about corruption at the grassroots level. They complain about difficulties in getting work done at government offices. They allege that they have to pay bribes for things like caste and income certificates to driving licenses and police verification for getting passports, etc.

With a view to checking it, our government last month enacted the Right to Public Service Act which ensured completion of work related to public services within fixed timeframes. This law came into force on the Independence Day this year. Under this Act, the government officials have to dispose of the people’s applications related to public utility services within a stipulated period. There is also a provision under this Act for imposition of fine on the defaulters for any delay on their part. We have now ensured that our people do not have to run around the offices and grease the palms of the public servants to get their work done. All they have to do is submit their applications and wait for their work to be done within the time-frame fixed by the government.

Now, I am working towards making the institution of Lokayukta more effective and broad-based in the state. Bihar has had a Lokayukta since 1973 but I feel there is a need for giving it more powers. I am also in favour of bringing the Chief Minister under its ambit. We are already working on the draft to bring about an amendment bill in the winter session of the state legislature.

These are a few steps that I have taken as part of my fight against corruption I can assure you that this fight will go on in the future as well. There has been widespread support from people across the country for the campaigns against corruption in recent times. It proves that the people in general are disgusted by the menace of corruption that appears to have made inroads into all spheres of public life.

We, therefore, need effective legislations more than ever before Confiscation of assets of the corrupt is one small step in that direction. This will restore the faith of the common man in the system of governance, encourage law-enforcing agencies to act against the corrupt and deter those who believe in acquiring ill-gotten wealth. If we have to stamp out corruption we will have to take steps like these everywhere to achieve our goal.

Before I conclude, let me also briefly touch upon two of our novel initiatives. Firstly, the number of beneficiaries under the bicycle scheme for school students has now exceeded 6 lakh, including 2.25 lakh boys, in the state. As you know, this project was initially launched only for schoolgirls, but was later extended to schoolboys as well. At start, the government had distributed bicycles among 1.50 lakh girls. This number has gone up to 3.75 lakh now.

I would also like to talk about the Harit Bihar (Greener Bihar) campaign we have recently launched in the state. Under this campaign, both the state government and our party, Janata Dal (United), have resolved to increase the forest cover to at least 15 per cent by planting saplings across the state in a big way, and instituting measures to see these plants grow into trees. I think it is time that generations of today demonstrate their commitment to act and protect our environment.

I look forward to your views.

Nitish Kumar


amit said...

dear nitish ji, no doubt your intentions are clear but what about the education and the contract system in all jobs. this is not quite good. please see it.

amit k verma

Anonymous said...

sir, aage ki rah aasan hogi. yah to hona hi tha. yah to shuruwat hai.
chandan jha
journalist, kjchandan@gmail.com

Nilesh said...


I am a true fan of yours and I have tagged your blog with mine so I keep checking for any new post from you. Finally, you posted one!

Yes, I regularly follow all Bihar developments and works done by your government. Sir, simply kudos to you and your government! What I simply feels happy about is when people here(Bangalore) tell me about your efforts and appreciate you and Bihar! I myself also see, the no. of flights increasing to Patna, the no. of tourists inflow to Bihar, the condition of roads..endless list...and above all, your fight against corruption! Not only reading it in newspapers about development, but I have seen through my eyes-from my childhood it took 2.5 hrs to reach my village from Ara (18-20KMs)and now...30 mins- roads are so smooth.

Just I am saying, we are seeing the change, feeling it and adoring it. Yes there are still, few problems there but that will be overcome.

Now, when lots of investments are being made, in other industries, i would request you take initiative for IT field. Try to get some big brands like Infosys, TCS there. Once they are there, others will make a beeline. And no other thing will groom the image of Bihar as the IT will do. I have heard the Infosys had contacted the govt. this year in March. Please make it reality.

We have all support to you!


Anonymous said...

Well done for the honest efforts. Bihar is the land of many great personalities in Indian history. Inspite of abject poverty many Biharis reach high designations in civil services and IITs etc. But one thing I would like to bring in your notice about many fine Engineers and Teachers from Bihar who choose to migrate to other countries. If you could kindly motivate them to come back and contribute to the development of the country then it would be great. So I request Hon. Chief minister to intiate some schemes for bringing back high profile Engineers, Doctors from foriegn and utilise their talents for prosperous Bihar. For your information I am not a Bihar but I am always amused by the talent of Bihar in IIT but on the same side saddened by the fact that they keep on migrating to US, europe once they are done with studies. Its no harm in gaining some experiance from developed world but at some point of time they must come back and serve the country. One solution for this may be providing scholarships to IIT students from Bihar to stay at institute of thier choice in Foriegn for upto five years with a promise to serve the country after that. Another one is to offer government jobs to Engineers wishing to return from foriegn.

Rajeev said...

I am your big fan... and salute you for your all efforts for devlopement of Bihar...Today i fill proud when some one who is not from Bihar appreciates your work and all..
Sir,as written above,pls bring IT companies in Bihar ASAP so that we all leave in Bihar and participate in devlopment of Bihar..


Prashant Patel said...

Dear Sir,

I am a big fan of yours.
No doubts Patna and Bihar is developing like never before but there is still lots to be done.

I have a SERIOUS and GENUINE complain to make.....I don't know if you are aware of it or not...

There is no routine and no timing for them. I have seen this myself in my village, Chakmahmad, Desari(Vaishali). Its not the story of my village only, its the story of whole Bihar.
The dream of a developed Bihar can never be accomplished until our Children get good education from the beginning.

There is a REQUEST too....and its about METRO TRAIN in Patna..only you can do it.

You are the HOPE and PRIDE of BIHAR.
Miles to go Sir..


Prashant Patel
Pursuing B.Tech(EE)
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

medicalblogger said...

Dear Nitishji,

I am a physician from Bangalore now residing in USA,

I am so happy to finally find a responsible and honest politician in you, I have heard quite a lot about your development in Bihar snd finally as a proud citizen of India i am happy for Bihari people who seems to have found a great leader in you.

You are the first person to announce Lokayukta overseeing CM's post and I and other concerned Indians fully support this move of yous.

I hope the central government is gauging the current mood of the nation well, whole nation is frustrated with the current state of affairs and corrupt UPA-2, I have no doubt in mind that UPA (aka Congress-I) will not even win 50 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Our country has seen zenith of corruption with this govt in power.

Let me thank you whole heartedly from the NRI community in USA for all the positive vibes coming out of Bihar. I hope the good old days of glory when Nalanda university was THE TOP UNIVERSITY in the world returns to Bihar.

We are all praying and hoping for the best.

May you live for hundreds of years.

May you continue to bring peace, honest, justice and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL A CORRUPTION FREE BIHAR.


Harsha Rao.

अरूण साथी said...

आदरणीय नीतीश जी
आपके द्वारा उठाऐ जा रहे कड़े कदमों की सराहना पूरा देश कर रहा है और यह सब देखने सुनने में हर बिहारी को बड़ा अच्छा लगता है पर कहीं कोई गंभीर कमी है जिसकी वजह से भ्रष्टाचार का यह भूत न ही भाग रहा न ही डर रहा है।
भ्रष्टाचार चरम पर है एक हो तो कहें, आप स्वीकार करते है।
राइट टू सर्विस की वजह से भ्रष्टाचार दूर नहीं हुआ है बढ़ गया है। नहीं भरोसा हो तो किसी आम आदमी को से पूछ कर देखिए। पहले बीस पच्चीस रूपया देने पर दो दिन मे प्रमाण पत्र बन जाता था आज 100 रू. देना पड़ता है?
उर्वरक की कालाबाजारी चरम पर है और इस सब के मूल मे भ्रष्टाचार है। एक पत्रकार होने के नाते मैं इससे लगातार लड़ता रहा हूं और करीब से जानता हूं। पिछले पन्द्रह दिनों से इस लड़ाई में समझा कि विभाग के द्वारा ही कालाबाजार कराया जा रहा है और 285 की खाद को 450 बेचा जा रहा है। आवंटन का भौतिक सत्यापन नहीं होना प्रमुख कारक है और उर्वरक बाहर चला जाता है। नेपाल तक। किसान त्राहीमाम।

अभी पालनबाड़ी घोटाला सामने आया था मेरे शेखपुरा जिले के बरबीघा से संचालित इस संस्था के द्वारा आंगनवाड़ी के तर्ज पर कई प्रदेशो और नेपाल तक शाखा खोल कर एक केन्द्र खोलने के नाम पर 10000 से 25000 तक की उगाही की गई। शुरू से ही मीडिया के द्वारा समाचारो के माध्यम से प्रशासन का ध्यानाकर्षण किया गया पर शिफर। फिर जब महिलाओं को बेतन नहीं मिला तो उसने हंगामा किया और मामलेमें जिलाधिकारी के हस्तक्षेप से कार्यालय को सील कर दिया गया। वहीं पर पुलिस के द्वारा महिलाओं को हड़काया गया और अन्ततः जिस एक महिला ने पुलिस से भय नहीं खाते हुए प्राथमिकी दर्ज कराई उसपर ही दबाब देकर संस्था के द्वारा समझौता करा लिया गया और करोड़ों की इस लूट में मामला शिफर निकला।

मेरा कहने का मतलब आपकी मंशा पर संदेह करना नहीं बल्कि यह बतलाना है कि प्रशासन में किसी प्रकार का सुधार नहीं हो रहा है और वह निरंकुश होकर काम कर रही है।

आखिर कमी कहां है तलाशना तो पड़ेगा। वरणा मैं तो कविवर दुष्यंत की इन पंक्तिायों के साथ कहूंगा-घर अंधेरा देख तू, आकाश के तारे न देख।

Gunjan said...

बिहार के विकास के लिए भ्रष्टाचार हमेशा एक कारण रहा है । हम सभी यह जानते है कि बिहार मे प्रतिभाओं की कोई कमी नही है फिर भी बिहार एक पीछ्ड़ी राज्य मे इसकी गिनती की जाती है । इसका क्या कारण हो सकता है ? बेरोजगारी को इसका मुख्य कारण बताया जा सकता है । क्योकि बिहार की अच्छी प्रतिभाशाली छात्र बाहर जाकर काम करते है और अपनी सारी कौशल दुसरे राज्य को देते है जिससे दुसरे राज्यों में विकास होती है । बिहार अब कुछ विकास की राह मे चल पड़ा है जो कि सत्य है लेकिन विकास की गती को बढ़ानी होगी और भष्टाचार जैसी शैतान को भगा सके । लोकसेवा का अधिकार अधिनियम एक अच्छा प्रयास है भष्टाचार से लड़ने मे इसके लिए मै आपको बहुत - बहुत धन्यवाद देता हुँ और बिहार की प्रगती के लिए शुभकामनाएँ देता हुँ ।
गुंजन कुमार

Ranveer Kumar said...

Dear sir,
Many thanks and congratulations for you great work.
Waiting for the day when the benefits will reach to the lowest level of the society... also waiting for the day when Bihar will be self-dependent in the sector of electricity and more and more investments will be done in the state leading us to return back to our home

runu jha said...

wel-come back nitishji

surya kumar said...

सर प्रणाम। आपने एक भ्रष्टाचारी की संपत्ति जब्त कर उसके मकान में स्कूल खुलवा दिया यह तो आपने एक मानक ही स्थापित कर दिया। पर अब हम देखेंगे कि आगे भी ऐसे नये मानक बनते हैं या नहीं। सच तो ये है कि हमें सिर्फ और सिर्फ आप पर भरोसा है। आप यूँ ही बने रहें और हम आमजनों की राह सुगम बनाते रहें। आपका लोकसेवा का अधिकार का अधिकार वाला आइडिया जबर्दस्त है पर ब्लाक लेवेल वाला प्रमाण पत्र का अवधि थोड़ा कम करा दीजिए।

Rajiv said...

में अरुण जी की बात से सहमत हु , हमारे सीएम जैसा पीएम हो जाय तो देश का १०० प्रतिशत नहीं तो कम कम से कम ५० प्रतिशत जो जरुर सुधर हो जायेगा , लेकिन ध्यान देने की बात बिलकुल ही निचले अस्तर से है . जेसे - थाणे में दरोगा , ब्लाक में कर्मचारी , गांव में मुखिया कचहरी में बहुत इसे लोग है जिनपर सिकंजा कसना अभी बाकि है - और मै अपने मुख्य मंत्री से से यही उमीद करता हु की हमारे राज्य में दिल्ली और मुंबई से लोग कम करने आये
राजीव कुमार

Dhiraj Singh said...

I am a proud Bihari and currently working in Bangalore, I know the importance of Green carpet.
Please make sure it should not stop till end.

Bihar proud of you.

Best wishes for "Harit Bihar"

Vikash Kumar said...

Dear Sir,

I hail from Muzaffarpur and I am living in Pune working in IT industry. I have been following the developments in Bihar from the time you took charge. Undoubtedly you have done a phenomenal job of turnaround in Bihar. No one can take it form you and the current steps against corruption is a certainly a leap in the right direction.

I was delighted with your initiatives to improve infrastructure in Bihar by first connecting the cities through highways. This is true if you provide good connectivity and commute from a big city to a smaller one. Smaller one automatically grows itself. That has been true always. So, I was very optimistic about the growth of Bihar. But as I can see and many others will concur that the development of highways and other required infrastructure (power & internal road) has lost its steam in last few years.

Muzaffarpur has a lot of potential to develop but it lacks severely in the road & power infrastructure. One of the major bottlenecks is the poor connectivity of Muzaffarpur with Patna. I would like to bring to your notice the following issues which I have seen over the years.

a. The rail bridge project is not going anywhere between Hajipur & Patna. Due to which commute / transport costs between Muzaffarpur & Patna is very high and train connectivity of Muzaffarpur to the rest of India is also poor.

b. The Muzaffarpur - Patna highway is in very poor condition and is getting worse by day. There has been no effort on its development in last 6 years of your rule. Traffic on this route is very high. If this road is converted into a good 4/6 lane highway with toll that will do good for both commuters and government funds.

c. The internal roads of Muzaffarpur were built or repaired more than 10 years ago when Vijender Chowdhury had first won the elections. Due to which he had won twice. But since then the traffic in Muzaffarpur has grown exponentially, but the roads were never even repaired and now there are hardly any roads left causing traffic nightmare on every possible road.

d. Power situation is not improved in many years and due to which the private generator operators are exploiting the electricity needs of people and businesses.

I truely believe if only Muzaffarpur - Patna is connected well with road & rail. Muzaffarpur in no time will grow in leaps and bounds. Just like Pune is growing after it is connected with a high speed expressway and good rail service with Mumbai.

I will be happy If I could bring some of the real issues to your notice and will be successful if you could do something about it.

Vikash Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Nitish Kumar,
I really appreciate your development effort in Bihar over last 5-6 years. There is no doubt that the face and perception of Bihar outside Bihar has changed and it has changed for good. The effort on anti-graft and corruption has also been very much visible and appreciated.

But, one side where everyone including media is giving and making presumptions around these corruption related movements, are you really aware on how honestly the investigating agencies are doing their job in these cases. I am aware of certain facts of these investigations which are nerve wrecking, allegations without proper proofs, made up illogical stories and so on. Is such practice followed by these officers to gain visibility and media leverage? So isn't this type of behavior is also a type of corruption - not doing duty with honesty.

As you are putting your efforts to make Bihar a corruption free state, shouldn't obliteration of corruption be done honestly, logically and on real grounds? Shouldn't these investigation reports be reviewed and scrutinized? It would be interesting to see how it shapes over a period of time.

All the best!!!

manoranjan said...

Nitish Ji,

We are very proud to have CM like you. Because of you today "Bihar" words got respect

Now a day many people are saying to me that your CM is doing excellent work and many steps taken by you are first in India.

Sir I would like to bring following point to your notice for improvement of Bihar

1) In India we have special budget for rail and finance. In present most of the people are depend on agriculture also it is backbone of Indian economy. Also provide maximum employment and driver for Indian growth. Hence it will better if we introduce agriculture budget from next year in Bihar. This is very important state so that we can thoroughly consider every aspect of agriculture

2)Your interaction with people trough Janata Darbar is good steps but last week it was shown on Etv Bihar that many complain given by people are not attended and also there is no proper record of status of complain.When i see face of the people i fill like they are coming with large expection and final hope and also with confidence that there problem will be adress .Hence it is necessary that there must proper record of status of each complain and ensure that it timely attended.

last suggestion please continue blogging frequently so that interaction with people will increase and you will recived proper feedback of you work.

Manornajan Singh

Rahul said...

Hello Nitish ji.

i really appreciate you for all the effort you have made for develpomet of Bihar.
i am currnetly working in bangalore in IT industry. I am from Chapra and stayed in patna about 5 year when RJD regime was there. 3 months ago i travelled from Bnagalore to Patna in Bagmathi Express. once i came out i got surprised with the cities of ot its own, plenty of development in all sector. i really congratulate you for that.
somehow i think we need vital changes in education and employment in Bihar, obviously no doubt it has been improved a lot but more efforts to be left and done.
As per the corruption i want your fight to go on as you said in your blog, this is the only problem of entire nation, and personally what i think is the initiative should come from the system to make corruption free system. altogether.
My best wishes are with you. and now i think we get pride to be called as "Bihari" in comparison to earliar days.

thanks and regards,
Ravikant Rahul Pandey

सौरभ भारती (Shaurabh Bharti) said...

awesome steps and commitment to a greater future of Bihar!


Sir, Previouly I introduced myself to you. I met you along with Dr. Beatrix D'Souza, Anglo-Indian MP in Lok Sabha, when she took me along with her to your mass rally in Patna in 2002. I was fortunate to be on the stage with you and Sri Fernandes too when I heard your speech and then knew your sincerity to lead Bihar into a shining new dawn. What you have achieved is nothing less than a miracle. Yes, I am resident in UK but I would like nothing better than to serve in a village and help to bring about change in the life of the village. My son who had had ten years experience in the London Metropolitan Police, he too, is very interested to commit himself to India. I do wish that you will initiate some programs for NRIs to settle down in villages so that the NRIs can bring their experiences and training in western countries to better the countryside.
But for now Sir, I congratulate you and I wish you all the best.


bahuroopiya said...

नीतीशजी !
उधार और तगादे के बीच हिचकोले खाती, इमानदारी की ऐन छाती पर मुंग दलते भ्रस्ताचारिओं पर ऐसा कठोर प्रहार....छाती में ठंढक महसूस हो रही है और जे.पी आन्दोलन का आपका साथी होने के कारन छाती चौड़ी भी हो रही है.
ब्लॉग पर मिलने में इतनी देर न करें..
पवन श्रीवास्तव ,आरा

Shubham_blogs said...

Hello Sir,

We are very happy with the way you have handled the situation of a top level corrupt public servant. Providing education to the underprivileged in such a palatial building would be a dream come true for them.

But, still after all this, there have been few things which I think should have been improved much earlier-

1.)Electricity Supply- The main problem of this city is shortage of power supply. This is the reason why industries are not attracted towards Bihar. As industries are the main source for jobs, it should be taken care of. I know that Bihar is not getting much support from the central Government, but we need to find a solution for such problems.

2.)Traffic- Well, I need not describe this situation as you must be very well aware about it. At the peak hours everyday, Patna comes to a stop. This is another big thing that should be taken care of.

3.)Sports in the state- I am very sorry to tell that the sports development in this is the poorest. Bihar might be the only state which has not conducted any International sports event for a very long time. This is because of lack of proper sports infrastructure and a lot of political interference in this area. I myself was a cricket player and have represented the state. But, seeing no scope of getting ahead in the field, I was forced to leave the game, although I still continue to love the game.

Overall, I know you have changed a lot in Bihar, but to make it a state of competition, these few points need to be taken care of.

Anyways I still wish you best of luck and hope that the scene of development that has started will continue and make Bihar one of the most developed areas to live not only in India, but also in the world.



Anonymous said...

Sir, I am really glad to see that Bihar is finally on the right path in order to become a developed state.The steps taken by your government to stop all kinds of corrupt activities in the state has truly set an example for others.It has given hope to a lot of people that corruption will be eradicated, though it may take some time but it will be for sure, if the government keeps on doing the good work.Hence, Congratulations to you and I hope that the your government will always take such steps whenever required for the welfare of the people of Bihar.

Pankaj Bhushan, GM Free Bihar Movement said...

श्रद्धेय नीतिश कुमार जी,
बहुत बहुत बधाई.आपने अनूठा कर दिखाया. लेकिन हम एक वर्ग के लिए जरूर सोंचे जो बिहार के किसान हैं, आज प्रखंड, पंचायत एवं ग्राम स्तर पर हो रहे भ्रष्टाचार को भी हमें रोकना होगा. किसान स्वराज लाना होगा. आपसे मिलकर खुशी हुई थी जब आपने किसानों के हक् में बी टी मक्के के परिक्षण को रोका था और बीज विधेयक में सुधार की करवाई की, बहुत खुशी हुई. लेकिन किसान स्वराज लाना होगा आप जैसे व्यक्तित्व से ऐसी उम्मीद है. समान्तर जाँच शुरू करवाई जाये.
शुभकामना सहित
पंकज भूषण
जी एम फ्री बिहार मूभमेंट

Ravi_Ranjan said...

Hello sir!
I M a B.TECH student belongs to Makhdumpur(Jehanabad).
you r really doing smting inspirable 4 the whole contry.
so great i feel to be a bihari,but have more expections from you.
Specially in removing corruption ,unemployment and electricity probs.
SIR plz supprot ANNA Hazzare openly.....this will make the people of bihar proud & will help the others to take initiative against CORRUPTION.( bcz during the fast of Anna ji there r so many bihari supproters always remain available along with me )..

THANKS & REGARDS from a human being who belongs to d HOLY palace BIHAR(INDIA).

Akku said...

Dear Nitish Ji,

I am proud of you. in 20 years of Lalu Raj many people left bihar and settled in different part of country. But all do miss our Janm bhoomi, Kindly find solution where bihar has got 24 hrs electricity so many can come back and put there skill together to grow bihar with your initiative. many people can get work and many will come back to there mother land.


Rajeev Ranjan said...

Dear Nitish Sir, Your step to eradicate corruption from Bihar is commendable. My best wishes are with you and we hope we will make Bihar a truly place to live. we will make Bihar a dream that will cherish. We will make Bihar full of Greenery, free from corruption, full of opportunity, full of job vacancies, full of employment,a developed state in developing India, 100% fully literate people, optimum utilised state in terms of technology, clean Ganga, Bihar with well educated and soft spoken people, Land records availble on the click of mouse, Terrorist free, Hooligans free,Dacoits free, thiefs free etc. Overall we have to do work on-
1. Power
2. Industry
3. Manpower
4. Natural Resources
5. Law & Order
6. Education
and so on....

A true Bihari and Indian,
Rajeev Ranjan

Ravi said...

Thanks a lot for your blogs. Your style of blogging is awesome . with all due respect I do appreciate your efforts to make Bihar corruption free.But still there are lots of places where people are getting exploited by these so called babus.And i am one of them. I built a house for my retired and aged parents and wanna give all comforts to them whatever I am able to. But because of noncooperation of government official we are struggling to get new electricity connection there . I think you have to look into some such matters of remote areas. I had couple of great years for IT estblishment for NREGA.And it was awesome experience altogether.And we all IT people have great trust on you.I request you to put some extra effort to enable attractive IT industry there.It will bring prosperity among the people....
Once again I would like to thank you for your hard work.All the very best for your future endeavours....
Ravi (Bangalore)

Amarjit kumar said...

I am your big fan..salute you for your efforts for image change over of bihar. Today bihar is in news for positive things..credit goes to you.All bihari are with you. You are role model for the youth..
Amarjit kumar Tv journalist.

RAJ KAMAL said...

आदरणीय नीतीश भईया
सादर चरण स्पर्श,

आपके व्यक्तित्व की महानता और आपके प्रयासों में इमानदारी, इस बात का द्योतक है की आप बिहार के लिए जो भी कर रहे हैं वो निजी-महत्वकांक्षा और निजी-स्वार्थ से ऊपर उठकर, जनता के हित के लिए किया जा रहा है. आपका उद्देश्य पवित्र है और जब उद्देश्य पवित्र हो तो विजय भी निश्चित हो जाती है.

एक सुझाव देना चाहूँगा की अपने कार्यक्रमों में छात्रों की संलग्नता सुनिश्चित करने का प्रयास करें जिस से की छात्रों की युवा-शक्ति का समावेश भी आपके अगाध शक्ति में समाहित होकर आपके प्रयासों की प्रचंडता को विश्व-परिचय प्रदान कर सके.

मेरी मंगल कामना है की आप ऐसे ही आगे बढ़ते रहे और आपकी छत्र-छाया में बिहार का विकास सुपल्लवित होता रहे.

आपका अनुज
आर के पाण्डेय "राज"
Email id - raj.pandey.lucknow@gmail.com

Dr.Indra Kishore said...

Hello Sir, I am one of your fan! you have made all of us a proud bihari.now no one hesitate to say that they are not from bihar in other state.You have done a lot of developmental works in bihar.Bihar is progressing fast due to your works.we have seen drastic changes in bihar for last 5 years.To open schools in the seized houses of corrupt peoples is a very welcoming step.I believe that this will be followed by other states as well.Now many peoples living outside want to return to bihar like Doctors,Engineers,buisinusman and of course labours too.But I want to say that still there is lack of opportunities in many fields there in our state,like in health sectors,in education,in engineering,in other general employments.We have still miles to go.As you have read the other peoples grievances here, it is realy for your attention!! Sir I am living in Delhi. I never want to come here for higher education but I have to come here for higher education, for Senior Residency and I am doing my Senior residency from Safdarjung hospital Because there is no residency scheme in our state.We have tried a lot for this in our state by contacting health secretary but in vain.Engineers also have very few opportunities there in bihar.Many engineers after passing migrate to other state.Why sir!!!I want to mention some of your appreciable works like in Road and transport,in law and order,in administration,in health,in Panchayati Raj,but sir!!! what about these newly appointed teachers of primary educations.Sir I think no one is happy with the process for the teachers appointment.You should recruit teachers not on marks basis but by taking competition for the same.Only a good teacher can make a pool of good students.So sir create some more opportunities for us(means all peoples). I know this will be possible only if you will be in power.We are hoping for the best for our bihar. JAI BIHAR!!!!! Dr.Indra Kishore, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

guddu kumar said...

I am true fan.... and salute for your honesty work to developing Bihar. Your great thinking and working must reach to Bihar at Pick.
A request , plz also manage and control to educational sectors of bihar
Thanks you..........
Guddu Kumar, Ara

Basant Singh said...

Dear Nitish ji

Hats off to you!
Once again, You’ve instilled a sense of hope not only to the people of Bihar but a nation which has otherwise lost faith in its leaders & system.

I hope this bungalow turned school is NOT the last effort in your war against corruption. It must continue...

Also, the nation is watching with awe while Bihar is taking its baby steps towards a bright future. Carry on.

Sir, We trust you & we are with you.
Good luck for your genuine efforts.

vineet said...

This is indeed an honor for me to share my views here, as i am doing it for the first time. All accolades to you and your government for making Bihar what it is today, but at the same time....there are certain issues which i know would be in your mind but for the sake of my satisfaction i would like to bring that to your notice.
Sir, the traffic congestion in Patna has increased manifolds. There are plans in pipeline to improve the condition as well. I am more concerned, in particular, about the errant drivers on Patna Roads, in particular, the Auto-wallahs. Every day, somewhere in this big town, a mishap is happening just because of careless driving. I can see policemen standing as mute spectators but not doing anything. this makes me to wonder as to IS THIS AN EFFECTIVE DISCHARGE OF DUTY.
Sir, you are in the best position to administer such woes that a common man is facing every day.

Apart from all that said, You are an Ideal and an Idol for many and me as well. Keep up the good work going Sir.
Best wishes,

raghwendra said...

आदरनीयॆ नीतीश सर‌
मै ऎक कमप्युटर इनजीयर हु ऒर आपका बहुत बडा प्रस्नसक हु|जब मैनॆ कमप्युटर इनजीयर बना अपनॆ राज्य कॆ अन्दर कॊइ रॊजगार सुरु करनॆ का सॊचा , लॆकीन यहा की बिद्धुत ब्यवस्था दॆख बाहर कॆ राज्यॊ मॆ रॊजगार कॆ लियॆ चला गया | मै अकॆला यॆसा इनद्सान नही हु यॆसॆ बहुत सारॆ लॊग मील जायॆगॆ| मॆरी आपसॆ गुजारीश है कि बिद्धुत ब्यवस्था कॊ सुधार करॆ ऒर‌ राज्य कॆ बिकाश कॆ लीयॆ हमारा साथ दॆ|ऒर हम अपनॆ परिजनॊ कॆ साथ रह सकॆ....
अपका राज्य वासी
राघवॆन्द्र कुमार‌

raghwendra said...

आदरनीयॆ नीतीश सर‌
मै ऎक कमप्युटर इनजीयर हु ऒर आपका बहुत बडा प्रस्नसक हु|जब मैनॆ कमप्युटर इनजीयर बना अपनॆ राज्य कॆ अन्दर कॊइ रॊजगार सुरु करनॆ का सॊचा , लॆकीन यहा की बिद्धुत ब्यवस्था दॆख बाहर कॆ राज्यॊ मॆ रॊजगार कॆ लियॆ चला गया | मै अकॆला यॆसा इनद्सान नही हु यॆसॆ बहुत सारॆ लॊग मील जायॆगॆ| मॆरी आपसॆ गुजारीश है कि बिद्धुत ब्यवस्था कॊ सुधार करॆ ऒर‌ राज्य कॆ बिकाश कॆ लीयॆ हम अपना सहयॊग दॆ सकॆ ऒर अपनॆ परिजनॊ कॆ साथ रह सकॆ....
अपका राज्य वासी
राघवॆन्द्र कुमार‌

Anand said...

Dear Nitish sir,

I appreciated your brilliant effort toward trying to bring back glory of Bihar. Bihar is changing his image. But there is again a big question mark?
1. what is the condition of Higher Education in Bihar?
2. People of Bihar is still waiting for central university.
3. There is negligible number of engineering and medical colleges in Bihar compare to A.P., Tamilnadu, Maharastra etc.
4. Still People of Bihar is waiting for express highways between big cities, Ring roads, 6-8 lane roads.
5. Still People of Bihar is waiting for good local trains (it is pathetic on Kiul- Gaya route), Metro train, International Airport.
6. Electricity is also big concern till now.
7. In sport, Bihar is far behind than other states. There is not a single national standard stadium in Bihar.

- if central university, Professional college etc. will open in Bihar, then it can arise jobs in direct ways and indirect ways.
- according to my calculation, 1 central university can give 5000 jobs. and it can also help to place that region on India Map.

Above things are just expectation of common Biharis. Please try to full fill their dreams.
so that they can pursue their education in their own state and also can earn money in their own state.


Anonymous said...

With humble request I am curious to know as to why only action is being taken against corrupt IAS,IPS or any employee in your state.No action has been initiated either against any minister/politician or their properties confiscated.Without their patronage,no such responsible public servant can dare to indulge in corruption. Does this mean that your team is 100% pure? I will be very happy when every nook and corner is cleaned.And if you are determined,there is no doubt at all.

Arbind Singh (singapore) said...

Dear Nitish Ji

It is indeed great pleasure to read your blog which make me feel very much in the corridore of our leader thought process even living in singapore .
I would appreciate if you would continue to put your thoughts by blogging ,as all minsters do in singapore or elsewhere very regularly.

It is very very commandable to see that our leader is taking the lead and showing whole of India a way and will to fight corruption against all odds quitely in structured manner . The fight against corruption is an endless war fare which requires a very strong resolve all thru.

With latest developments in India , we are sure that country is changing its discourse and is passing thru a transient phase . The war against corruption has the largest mandate of the people of India today .
Congratulation again for fullfilling your election promise.

however , I would like to hear you on following two major concern of state :
a. status of Higher education .

while acknowledging your effort to bring new educational institute in state like IIT , BIT MESRA, NIFT ,CIMP , law college , i must bring to your notice that none of the existing university and prominent colleges in bihar has imroved . They are still same as it was during previous government 6 years back .

you need to work radically to look into it and try to get on track. A large no. of students are still migrating to other places for education . Higher education of state is one thing which will make our state / country different than others . Hope to see a good step forward on Higher education .

B. Aao Bihar : We know that bihar government is planning "Aao Bihar" . I feel that an aggresive campaign should be run in India and abroad to bring back best brains / intellects and investments in bihar . I see all NRIs from Bihar and NRB ( living in other state) is looking for opportunity to come and bring something with them . We need to highlight our need specific agenda in AAO Bihar . to suggest a few , investments in power sector , housing sector , health care sector , higher education sector , food processing sectors and large infrastructure sectors . We need to study other states or even other country module of business propositions offers which is provided to lure investors .
we need to act urgently and aggressively to brand Bihar .

we all are assured with the strong belief that you on helm , Branding Bihar as the most governed state and valued place for investment will be a great success .

Congratulation and best of Luck .

Best regds
Arbind Kumar Singh
Singapore / phone: +6596684117

Raja said...

Dear Sir,

Came across you blog this evening. Read all your posts in one by one. I am not a Bihari :) but feel very proud and good about Bihar that they have got a wonderful CM and gem of a person like you in Bihar. Hope to see you come into national politics as PM someday :)
Of course am also happy that now we don't have to dread the thought of your predecessor becoming PM and eating all the chara anymore :D
Wish you loads of Luck and Good Fortune!!

Manish Singh said...

Dear Sir,
Like you we all Biharwasis across the globe want to make our mother state a model state not only for India but the world. We all rational like minded people of Bihar are and will be with you in your arduous task. I have only one thing to say our respected CM, please make it sure that the life of the common people becomes less miserable and the apparent affect of your noble deeds is felt by the common man. I know the path ahead is full of thorns but beyond doubt a person of your caliber,a headstrong execution power house can be the turnaround man Bihar has been waiting for decades. Sir, I am a NRB residing in Gujarat ( a govt. of India officer),often visit my native place Patna and in the recent times have found very positive signs of development not only in Patna but at other places too...I always used to joke around with my friends that I will only consider any one doing good for Bihar if he repairs the Ashiana-Digha road ( as my whole college life has been spent riding my bike on that bumpy dangerous road)...the day I found that road perfectly made..I was sure something good will happen to my state, it might seem a small thing but this this never happened in the 10-12 years..so it was like a ray of hope for me and many people,Sir please don't let die the hope in us which you have provided. To be very frank people like us are still facing the dragon of corruption at the very basic levels like getting a birth certificate for my new born child, its really appalling but I am sure you have the vision, conviction & determination to cure this malady. Please spare the corrupt no matter how close, how important a person he might be...at any cost don't change the way you feel the sate should function..rest will be history.
Manish Singh

Anonymous said...

Sir , It really hearts me when so many people who have enjoyed anarchy by doing all the wrong things are criticizing the governance under you since these element are not finding it easy tot do as per their wish. You are the real fighter. I know it is very difficult to make positive changes but i am proud of you sir. Now i can confront any body during my travel that look we have nitish kumar what you have. Glad to hear that central govt. is establishing 71 fast track courts. they are following us. Our system which a leader like you. I salute you. Please hang on for another 5 years and then become PM to guide our motherland.

Jai Hind Jai Bihar.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
It is nice to hear from you again. Hope you endlessly follow this activity and we all bloggers do same in following you.
It is really morale boosting for us common men that you are hell bent on cleansing society from corrupt public servants. You have set up an example and in coming near future all are sure that many more such examples will be seen.
Alongwith cleanising society off corrupt public servants why not cleanse it off its corrupt politicians.

रमा कान्त सिंह (बाबा बिहारी) said...

भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ राज्य सरकार की ओर से उठाये गए कठोर कदमों के लिये आपको और आपकी सरकार को मेरी ओर से अन्तःकरण से धन्यवाद |

आपसे से विनम्र निवेदन है कि यह कठोर कदम केवल अधिकारीयों/कर्मचारियों तक सीमित न रहे बल्कि इसकी व्यापकता विध्यानकों/सांसदों/मंत्रियों और सत्ता के शीर्ष पर बैठे लोगों तक हो|

एक और बात पर आपका ध्यान आकर्षित करना चाहूँगा | एक नया "ट्रेंड" देखने को मिल रहा है | आपकी सरकार के भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी मुहीम को सामने रख कर कार्यालयों में ज्यादा "वसूली" की जा रही है .....और कहा जा रहा है कि "सरकार एकदम टाईट है ...रिस्क पर आपका काम करेंगे ...इसीलिए चार्ज थोडा ज्यादा देना पड़ेगा" | इस कुप्रथा को अतिशीघ्र मिटाने की आवश्यकता है|

चिकित्सा सेवा

इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं कि बिहार के चिकित्सा सेवा में आशातीत सुधर हुआ है| फिर भी कुछ कमियों को दूर करना अभी भी बांकी है
| हम आपका ध्यान भौतिक पुनर्वास (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Speech Therapy) की ओर आकृष्ट कराना चाहेंगे .....चिकित्सा की इस विधा में हमारा राज्य अभी भी पीछे है| जबकि हमारे राज्य के चिकित्सक दूसरे राज्यों में अपनी सेवा दे रहे हैं |

Avineet said...


I am your big fan, currently working in Infosys and living n London. Honestly saying, when ever I see any news about Bihar, I feel so proud that I can't explain.
The work you have done is commendable and can not be compared with any government. This becomes more important when we had seen the condition of Bihar 6 years ago.

However, only place Bihar is lacking is private investment like IT, Auto mobile and etc.. I can understand that reason behind this is problem of Power.

I can also understand that problem of Power can not be resolved in days time. It will take some time. And I am also sure, that you must be looking into all these issues.

We are totally supporting you, and looking forward for a good news of Private investment in Bihar.

Nitikesh Kumar Singh said...

sir..You r making us feel proud day by day....lots of things 2 learn frm u.....

Anonymous said...

Dear CM,
thank you resuming with blogging. First of all hearty congratulations for your selfless efforts in bringing Bihar up. You are a real son of Bihar. Your efforts can not be put down in words.
I would like to bring to your notice the following few points.
1/ You have always looked into the future and had schemes for the future generations. But you are also responsible for those who suffered in the past from the misdeeds of congress (post-independence) and Laluji- Rabriji there after. There should be some schemes like adult education with compensations for those who had to stop their education, without realizing the value to education but are willing to pursue their education.
2/As you know that Kala Azar, Polio and Japanese Encephalitis are pandemic in Bihar (and UP). Please try to curb those diseases. You can form a team of (Bihari) specialised epidemiologist from foreign universities to draw a masterplan with solid field work. They should be encouraged to write grants to the planning commission, World Health Organizations or Bill and Malinda foundation.
3/ Dear CM, as you know that population growth is the root cause of all problems. Bihar is a very densely populated state. As proven by History that nations which worked to curb population growth are the most prosperous now, for example Singapore and China. I would request you to take a DARING step and promote "single child policy".

Hope you will be considerate!

With high and sincere regards,
Dr. Pramod Kumar Agarwal
The Netherlands.
Born in Katihar, Bihar.

amit said...

Dear Sir!

It gives me immense pleasure to see the bihar's development in recent years from road to primary education to curbing corruption and so on. I know and probably you would also agree that we have a long way to travel in our course of development. One area that I particularly think you should consider for immediate development is the electricity.
Sir, electricity condition is really pathetic. I hope you will definitely consider this as your development agenda.

Amit Choudhary
B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

kumaram said...

Its really heartening to see Bihar coming on itw own in terms of coming out of dumps it has been in not so recent past. I congratulate you being an able leader in leading Bihar out of mess. However, there is one thing which needs to be focussed is jobs. If you have ever noticed then you might have observed that there are Bihari's all over India working and showing their capability in different capacities. IT should be the next target for you to bring more companies to BIhar which will not only bring people from Bihar closer to home but also prosperity to Bihar. There are many examples like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad which benefitted from such endevours but also are proud cities.

Thanks Again
Amit Kumar

Anonymous said...


Being corrupt is a mental stage of monopoly. Means you have no other option ( you must have to pay for this service).
But we have all ready paid ( as tax) for that service.
This mental monopoly needs to be cracked. And this can be cracked as, Every Government Employee should show his/her name displayed on their chest as " Name , AAM Janta Ka Sewak". ( "Name, Servant of comman Man").

Indian people still feel that the government servants are the Lord of government services and resources. Remember the old man words " Judge kalaktar ho gela ha ka".

This feeling and the Mental monopoly both can be cracked by this way.

--For the Glory of Bihar--

Anil Kumar
Chiniyabela, Punpun

Vishnu Murari said...

Dear Sir,

I have seen the different BIHAR in my Summer vacations. I it really a great pleasure to see the Girls are going to school on the cycles gifted by you,when I talked to them then I realized that it not only improving her education status but also gives them a lot of confidence,which was really absent before that. I hope it not only improves their education status but also helps in the reduction of the
women violence...
Hope it will continue and BIHAR will be the number one state in the India.


Kedarnath Reddy said...

Hello SIR,
KUDOs to you .... I hope we too should have a CM like you for our state AP as well

Miles to go before I sleep.... said...

Honourable Cheif Minister,

warm wishes for the day. Firstly I would genuinely want to congratulate for all the good work and their effective results that the state of Bihar is witnessing, it was equally delightful to have read about things looking up in Bihar in the US Congressional report 2011 which said "..."Another positive example in 2011 has been Bihar, one of India's poorest states, where Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has won national attention through his considerable success in emphasising good governance over caste-based politics... he is credited with restoring law and order across much of the state, as well as overseeing infrastructure and educational improvements of direct benefit to common citizens projects."
Mr Kumar, i would request you to pass on your vision,perseverance, determination to your neighbouring state west Bengal (I mean the the cheif minister Ms Mamata Banerjee)where things to need to be sorted and improved, apart from passing it on to the band of ministers we have in our country.
Sir, I recently visited your capital twice and was quite impressed to see the sea of change the city has witnessed in terms of safety as well as administration, with lot more to be done. I would also like to draw your attention towards the cleanliness of the city in specfic and the state as a whole, which needs real help.
After ages we as Indians have had the opportunity to see an honest politician in you, who has turned out to be a voice of his people. Please keep up the good work so that Bihar, once a rich cultural and prosperous state in Indian history can regain its position. We look up to you. Thank you for making us proud of you.

Miles to go before I sleep.... said...

Dear honourable Cheif minister,

Warm wishes and sincere regards to you.
It is a proud feeling as an Indian to have been witnessing the series of developments that you have introduced in Bihar with your enormous efforts. I happened to be in your capital two months ago, and was really impressed with the quality improvement in the state, which the evening life and the booming real estate prices spoke in volumes.
Apart from this what i felt grossly needs your attention and which i believe you will definitely care is the cleanliness in the city. It was a very positive and another defining experience to have read the recent US Congressional report 2011 which said "..."Another positive example in 2011 has been Bihar, one of India's poorest states, where Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has won national attention through his considerable success in emphasising good governance over caste-based politics... he is credited with restoring law and order across much of the state, as well as overseeing infrastructure and educational improvements of direct benefit to common citizens projects."
I would make a plea to you to pass on your vision, perseverance, determination and honesty to the band of politicians we have in our country and in specific your neighbouring state West Bengal(Ms Mamata Banerjee)where too things are not in good shape ..thanks to the endless political turmoil there.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for all the good things you have done and wish you luck for all your upcoming endevours.We see a lot of hope in you and expect you will not dishearten us.


Nishant Kr. said...

Respected Nitish Ji,

as always, felt great to read your words... one can see a vision clearly.. a foresight for a better future for upcoming generations..

Apart from other things, the biggest step i would like to congratulate you on is the move to increase the green cover by 15%.. Though it might not be of prime concern but would like to draw your attention towards the face that the ground water of Patna is getting contaminated now.. I have meet few noted doctors who said themselves that the arsenic level has increased a lot.. Environment is an issue which is generally compromised for the development.. Rather than finding ways to tackle "serious Environmental threats" few years down the line, why not take small steps from the beginning to avoid them all together?? For example, when 55% of residents of "Copenhagen-Denmark" use bicycles for daily commuting & city like Bangalore is promoting it in a big way, won't it be good if PATNA starts planning for it from present day before traffic chaos grows in leaps and bounds??As a "Greenpeace" activist, we have been doing everything possible from us..

Sir, whenever i go to Patna the only major difference i feel is tn the terms of awareness. .here are so many things happening around us, irrespective of areas.. But the youth of Patna is still not aware of many of them.. A closed room discussion with ten-fifteen people, that too mainly aimed for a space in next day newsletter, won't help..
There is a lack of seriousness among the students still.. Applied sciences/research is nowhere to be listened..
Now that concrete steps have been taken to ensure maximum no. of kids get education, please try to reform the higher education scenario as well.. My father was a passout of "College of Commerce, Patna" but he never thought of letting me do a graduation from there...
Please do something for it... Once the level of quality education raise up for all, everything will fall in place..needless to count its benefits...

The suggestions might be feasible or not or the point is, with this kind of an open dialogue we never know what brilliant things might come.. Even a diamond needs to be scanned in a coal mine... :) Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Respected sir,
I personally pleased that your govt. has taken such a strict decesion aganist corruption, which eventually affecting other officials. But, in education appointement of teacher of 10 +2, high school on contractual basis giving only 9000 and 8000 respectively greatly demorlising the teacher as they can not even fullfulling the day to day needs. Therfore, wise action must be taken so that teacher could take interest in quality teaching.
with regards,

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Assistant Professor

Anonymous said...

Really good to hear from the CM of my state. Though I am not residing there and working outside still whenever I visit my native thats Patna I dont feel very secure there. Nor I like the police over I am more scared of them. I remember when I was there when police use to come some I use to go inside the house.
Its almosr more than 5 yrs but now also apart form the capital nowhere the electicity has reached its dark allover.6 -7 yrs I believe is more time to provide this basic requirements for the satte. I know the things which has been spoiled in 20 yrs can not be changed overnite.
We have lots expectation on you .Hope the day will come when I will proudly say I am Bihari..

Mukesh Kumar said...

Myself a proud Bihari.

Development in Bihar and Gujrat that too against all odds generated by Congress ruled government of India is clearly visible and it does not require any certificate. Certificate and advertisements are required by UP government who failed completely.

A DIYA does not need to tell about itself that i give light. Rather than praising efforts of our Chief Minister let us help him by suggesting better mechanism of administration and development that too through proper channel.

Let us work together for development of Bihar.

Mukesh Kumar

Anonymous said...

I am a true fan of yours and I have tagged your blog with mine so I keep checking for any new post from you. Finally, you posted one!
Thanks For starting blogging again..

Yes, I regularly follow all Bihar developments and works done by your government. Sir, simply could you and us to you and your government! What I simply feels happy about is when people in Bangalore telling me about your efforts and appreciate you and Bihar! I myself also see, the no. of flights increasing to Patna, the no. of tourists inflow to Bihar, the condition of roads..endless list...and above all, your fight against corruption! Not only reading it in newspapers about development, but I have seen through my eyes-My village is just 45 km far away from Patna and earlier it was taking 4-5 roads are so smooth and one thing i like very much u r appreciating girls in education and womens in village level as well as every where.

Just I am saying, we are seeing the change, feeling it and adoring it. Yes there are still, few problems there but that will be overcome.

i would request you take initiative for IT field. Try to get some big brands like Infosys, TCS ,WIPRO, HP,DELL,IBM there. they are pretty much ready to come there and open a center there is none of the city in India which is like Bangalore bihar changes lot of cities like Punjab, Mumbai, Delhi all are running because of us we only now it is time to us to change our bihar and prove it and i am sure we can do it and prove it .And no other thing will groom the image of Bihar as the IT will do.


shamim anwer said...

Dear Mr. Nitish Kumar,
You are talking about the development of Bihar without absence of electricity? your govt. have not done anything constructive to produce/arrange adequate electricity in Bihar and without this nobody will invest in Bihar.I hope I don't need explain in importance of electricity of the development and you will sure look into this matter

रजनीश said...

आदरणीय सर,
सादर अभिवादन,

भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ आपके प्रयास सराहनीय हैं. पर नीचे से ऊपर तक भ्रष्टाचार कहीं कम होने का नाम ही नहीं ले रहा. जाहिर है आपकी मंशा साफ़ है, पर धरातलीय सच्चाई यही है कि इसमें किसी स्तर पर कोई कमी नहीं आई है. मैं कुछ बातों पर आपका ध्यान इंगित करना चाहूँगा-
(१) जानकारी सुविधा केन्द्र के लिंक (http://www.biharonline.gov.in/RTI/index.aspx)पर जाकर आरटीआई आवेदन ऑनलाइन भेजने की व्यवस्था की गयी है जिसमें आवेदन शुल्क भी नेट बैंकिंग अथवा क्रेडिट कार्ड के माध्यम से जमा हो जाता है, पर दुखद यह है कि इतनी शानदार व्यवस्था पर दर्ज आवेदनों का कोई रेस्पोंस नहीं लिया जाता. यही हाल जानकारी कॉल सेंटर के माध्यम से दर्ज आवेदनों का भी है. केवल व्यवस्था हो जाए और वह सुचारू रूप से संचालित न हो, तो आम जन को तो कोई फायदा होगा नहीं, भले व्यवस्था बनाने के लिए आप जितने भी इनाम या वाह-वाही लूट लें. अब आप यह मत कहिएगा कि प्रथम अपील में जाइए, दूसरे अपील में जाइए, हम कहीं जाएँ और व्यवस्था सुनाने को तैयार नहीं संवेदनहीन अथवा बहरा बन जाए तो किसी अपील में जाने से कोई लाभ नहीं, मैं यह सब अनुभव करके लिख रहा हूँ.
(२) इसी तरह www.bpgrs.com पर शिकायत दर्ज कराने का भी कोई मतलब नहीं रह गया है. बस एक शिकायत संख्या मिल जाती है और किसे प्रेषित किया गया है इसकी सूचना दर्ज कर जाती है जिसमें लिखा रहता है कि सात दिनों के अंदर शिकायत का निपटारा कर सूचित करें. पर आपके ऑफिसर इतने धृष्ट हैं कि उन्हें मुख्यमंत्री कार्यालय से भेजे गए पत्रों को भी डस्टबीन में फ़ेंक देने में तनिक हिचक नहीं. आप स्वयं अपने यहाँ दर्ज शिकायतों पर अंतिम रूप से निपटारे के बारे में पता लगा सकते हैं. यहाँ भी मैं यही कहूँगा व्यवस्था शानदार है, इसे एक्टिवेट करें.
(३) सारी समस्याओं की जड़ है उचित शिक्षा का अभाव, अगर सभी स्तर के सरकारी पदाधिकारियों के बच्चों को सरकारी स्कूल में पढ़ना अनिवार्य बना दिया जाए, तो शिक्षा का स्तर आप से आप गुणवत्तापूर्ण और सही हो जाएगा. सभी पदाधिकारी अपने बच्चों के उत्तम भविष्य को ध्यान में रखते हुए सरकारी विद्यालयों में गुणवत्तापूर्ण शिक्षा के लिए प्रयासरत रहेंगे.
(४) ग्राम पंचायतों में भारी भ्रष्टाचार है, अभी तक सारे निर्णय मुखिया अपनी मनमानी से बंद कमरों में लेते रहे हैं और ग्राम पंचायतों की विकास राशि बेशर्मी से लूटते रहे हैं, जनता बस हुर्रे-हुर्रे करनेवाले बेबस मतदाता से अधिक कुछ नहीं. आप ग्राम सभाओं हेतु तिथि निश्चित कर दें साथ ही ग्राम सभा की विडियोग्राफी कराकर उसे यू-ट्यूब अथवा ऐसे ही सार्वजनिक साइटों पर अपलोड कराएं. ग्राम पंचायतों में जा रहे विभिन्न योजनाओं की राशि को तत्काल सार्वजनिक किया जाए तथा अगर संभव हो तो उसे भी किसी विशेष वेबसाईट पर अपलोड किया जाए और यह हमेशा अद्यतन रहे इसे भी सुनिश्चित किया जाए.
(५)पंचायतों में चलाई जा रही विभिन्न योजनाओं जैसे BRGF, Indira Awas Yojna, Finance Commission's Grant, MGNREGA इत्यादि की विस्तृत प्रक्रियात्मक जानकारी लोगों को अखबारों के माध्यम से दी जाए, साथ ही अगर संभव हो तो पम्फलेट बंटवाए जाएँ.
कुल मिलाकर अधिकतम पारदर्शिता को अपनाकर, लोगों को जागरूक और शिक्षित कर और गलतियों पर कड़े दंड का प्रावधान कर ही भ्रष्टाचार को कम किया जा सकता है. इन सब ओर आप सतत प्रयत्नशील हैं इससे इंकार नहीं किया जा सकता. पर आश्चर्य है कि इतने ट्रैपिंग, संपत्ति जब्ती इत्यादि के बाद भी भ्रष्टाचारियों के मन में डर बिल्कुल नहीं है. आप आम अवाम को सतर्क नागरिक बना दें, फिर लोग स्वयं भ्रष्टाचारियों को खदेड़ने लगेंगे.

रजनीश कुमार,
अरई, औरंगाबाद (बिहार)

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitish Ji,

I am glad to see all the good work that you and your team is doing. Being from Bihar, it gives me great pleasure and pride to see the state doing such wonderful things and making a positive impression in the mind of people, not only in india but across world.

As you already know, the special report from US congress recently lauded the great work that Bihar government is doing. I think such reports and perception will add to the momentum of Bihar's economic growth.

I hope your government can actively work to further accelerate the growth and bring more private companies to set up shops in Bihar so that young minds like us don't have to leave the state.

- Chicago (United States)

chandan kumar said...

dear nitish ji,
congrats and thanks for all the development work being carried in bihar. I just want to say that my sister is in patna womens college and sir there no site details where we can access the results or any other information, be it college or the university website . The same case is with bihar education board site. All the data are obsolete and outdated. So i kindly request you to please see into this matter. After all we(BIHAR) have been awarded e-governance award a few years back.

Anonymous said...

sir ,
My congratulations for you to achieve this success against corruption. we are always with you on this issue.when Anna Hazare movements turns through this country this type of action against corruption take place is good sign for future for bihar & country.

Sanjeev said...

Commendable job done by your government to utilize the taxpayers money in the most productive way. Seizure of property of corrupt govt officials and the right to service legislation are certainly landmark steps in the direction of effective governance and accountability.

Deepak said...

After decades Bihar politicis has got good politicians like you, distracting itself from caste politics, which was dominant in Bihar.

After more than a decade I have seen the first politician who sincerely thinks about his poor state, not only thinks but is also trying to execute its good thinking,barring few exceptions like - still prevalent feudal mentality of policemen at middle & lower level,corruption at grassroot level & in offices/departments like labour, commercial & corporation which I sincerely feel that by lapse of time you will solve cooruption at that level also.

Congratulations to you, your executive team who are cooperating with you to fulfill your ambitions for upliftment of Bihar & lastly but not the least the voters of BIhar who have matured enough in selecting their representatives & who see in you as a perfect ambassador for Bihar, for the nation.

Only please expedite the development work, like it has been done in Gujarat.We want to see Bihar at upper hand

Warm Regards

Deepak Kumar

Avineet said...


The best line in this is:
The World Bank, in its 2009 report, has ranked Patna as the second best city after New Delhi to start business in India

Anonymous said...

Nitish ji,
You are the modern day Ashoka. Hope you succeed in all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Adab Nitishji,

I am reading your blog for the first time and enjoying the outcome of your various initiatives regarding the development of Bihar. Good to hear that you have taken corruption head on. We need to remove this SATEN from the mind of every Bihari to begin with and bring back the glory of Bihar. Across India we should set an example to follow.

I am an IT Consultant working with National Health Services, England living in London. I am also a budding IT Entrepreneur and looking to start my own IT business where else than Patna since it is my birthplace. There are few concerns like the infrastructure support (Power and Internet speed) needed to run the business. Whenever I speak to my parents they always complain about problems regarding the power and transportation within Patna. I feel bad about this. We need improve this as well. Also I would like to have investor friendly laws for startups like we have in Gujrat.

A BIG THANKS to you for the job you are doing.


Anonymous said...

All the best Sir! I am really happy to see that things have been moving and people have recognized efforts of government to reelect this time. I am pretty sure Bhihar is going to be a state that perhaps will be model for other states to study and follow.

sourabh said...

Respected sir...........
I am your great fan and only I would like to say that Bihar is going to be a power in the world........
Thank You Sir for making us proud........

Rajneesh Das said...

Respected Nitish Ji,

Thanks for all your efforts to bring Bihar in limelight again after decades.
I would like to bring few things in your notice:

1)Electricity: Still a major issue.
2)Inviting Corporates: Major IT giants, Private Banks, Investment banks etc. This will help us to come back to Bihar and contribute towards growing gdp and economy of our state. couple of years back people use to hesitate saying they belong to Bihar.. thanks for your efforts. We all know we have the potential to grow as good as Gujrat.. only what we need is the right direction and honesty to serve better.
Jai Hind, Jai Bihar

Anonymous said...

नीतीश जी ,
लम्बे समय के बाद आये सुखद लगा .........लेख पढ़ा संतुष्टि मिली की आपका किया हुआ वादा पूरा हुआ. डीएम के घर में स्कूल खोल कर क्योकि जिनके पैसे से इन्होने घर बनाया था उन्ही को आखिर मिला है.
लेकिन मूलभुत समस्या में अभी भी कोई सुधार नहीं है आज भी मेरे ब्लाक(महुआ वैशाली )में जाओ और बिजिली का कनेक्सन तय मूल्य पर लेके दिखा दो !---आप अपने स्तर पर डीएम को पकड़ कर इतिहास बनाया है इसमे किसी को शक नहीं है लेकिन छोटे छोटे स्तर पर कौन आयेगा हमें न्याय दिलाने के लीये.

अगर सही में लोगो को न्याय दिलाना है तो आप के और दुसरे के ईमानदारी से प्रभावित युवा लोगो का हर पंचायत में एक संगठन तैयार करे जो आपके काम-काज को लोगो तक पहुचाये और संपादित भी करबाए.
सूचना तंत्र को मजबूत करे तो बाकि अपना हक़ लोग खुद निकाल लेंगे .जिस तरह हर बिहारी आज जानता है की नीतीश कुमार कौन है? उसी तरह पता होना चाहिए की मुख्यमंत्री आहार योजना क्या है?

ॐ प्रकाश सिंह

amaresh said...


Is there any progress for infrastructural development in Bihar. Only Roads will not help for long term. Please also plan for Good investment in manufacturing industry as well as IT (Computer and software Industry). Lots of technocrats wants to come to Patna. Please talk to Infy, TCS, Wipro..Big Fishes..small industry will automatically follow them. You have chance to give something to the Bihar People. 6-7 year is Not less time.
We are proud of Bihar....

Nikhil mandal said...

Nitish ji
Aapne jo school khulwaya aisa na meine kahi suna tha na kahi dekha tha.Aapne yeh kaam kar ek nayi disha dikhlayi hai.mein madhepura ka rehne wala hu aur mein jahan tak sochta hu yahan ke log padhne likhne ke saukin hai,to bus mera ek nivedan hai aapse ki agar sambhav ho to ek acha sa library madhepura mein khulwaye taki yahan ke student aur padhne likhne wale log library mein jaake kuch samay de sake aur kitabo ko padh sake.mujhe yakin hai ki aap is disha mein kuch sochenge kyonki mere tarah hi aapne bhi yeh soch rakha hai-Padhega Bihar tabhi Badhega Bihar.
Umeed mein
Nikhil Mandal(MURHO)

Education Lover said...

Respected Nitishji,
I appreciate your initiatives against corruption. I want to bring in your notice that crime in Bihar is reduced but corruption has increased at all level. There is a need to implement and monitor all the arrangement made by your for good governance.
One thing I also want to share that your vision of Quality Education is very clear but it also show the lack of your will power. How could you expect for Quality Education, where most of your school teachers are Niyojit and they are getting merely Rs. 6000 to 8000 monthly, which is less than the monthly earning of an unskilled labourer/Porter/ Rickshaw Pullers who earn Rs. 8000 to 12000 per month. Could you justify that a Niyojit Teacher should draw Rs 6000 to 8000 per month while a regular teacher in the same school who has same qualification drawing Rs. 25000 to 45000 for the same work, even the 4th grade employees are drawing Rs.15000 to 25000 in the same school. Obviously the living cost of a qualified persons/teacher is far higher than an ordinary laborer. This salary structure de-motivate, dissatisfied and disgrace the teachers. In such discriminating arrangement it is difficult to enhance the quality of education.
The quality of education could not be compromise on the name of generation of employment opportunities in teaching.. Other states also exercise such practices but as a temporary arrangement not such as a permanent arrangement like in Bihar.
The teachers from Bihar are serving the every part of the country with quality education. They are ready to serve the people of their own state if the government of Bihar offers the salary in regular scale.
“ Ek Riksawala se bhi kam salary par Gunwatta wala Shikshak ki abhilasha karna ek vidambana hi hai”
To ensure the quality of education and qualified teacher, the govt need to rethink about the present arrangement of teachers in School Education.
I hope for your kind attention on this Issue.

manish singla said...

Respected Sir
Thank you for leading by example.I believe under your leadership Bihar will become one of the most progressive states in India.Its people like you who keep the belief in democracy and political system alive.

Sir, graduates and post graduates like me now aspire to work with the Govt of Bihar in ushering a positive change in the life of people, if given an opportunity, rather than working for some MNC or corporate house.

All the best for your future initiates.

Anonymous said...

You're doin a gr8 job Mr Nitish. Baat kum, kaam jyada...that's the way!

Only grudge is that with media increasingly becoming net-centric (at least for those who are educated and in cities/towns) - it will be good if u do it a little more often.

Arvind said...

Dear Chief Minister
Your efforts to show some light at the end of tunnel is commendable. At least your dispensation has given some hope to the disillusioned masses of our beloved state. Still a long way to go. The wish list can be terribly long coming from people who have suffered mis-governance or rather lack of governance for so long.The aspects which will really make difference at grass root level are implementation of police reforms ( we all have witnessed the brutality and unprofessional-ism of Bihar Police in ample measures recently) and rejuvenation of state education system. Particularly in the rural areas. Its a shame that our students have to migrate to cities outside the state even for a decent basic education

Prashant Patel said...

I have created a facebook page to support NITISH KUMAR as the NEXT PRIME MINISTER


LIKE and SHARE this page plz...

anilgonu said...


Being corrupt is a mental stage of monopoly. Means you have no other option ( you must have to pay for this service).
But we have all ready paid ( as tax) for that service.
This mental monopoly needs to be cracked. And this can be cracked as, Every Government Employee should show his/her name displayed on their chest as " Name , AAM Janta Ka Sewak". ( "Name, Servant of comman Man").

Indian people still feel that the government servants are the Lord of government services and resources. Remember the old man words " Judge kalaktar ho gela ha ka".

This feeling and the Mental monopoly both can be cracked by this way.

For the Glory of Bihar

Anil Kumar
Chiniyabela, Punpun

Anonymous said...

It really great to know the developments happening in Bihar.

But still existing problem as raised by the comments is really requires Mr Nitish kumar attention.

I believe the online RTI initiative was great, but as said my rajnish, it should be fuctional.

Hope, the Great CM of BIHAR will hear it and pay attention to these comments.

Neetu chandra said...

Dear Sir.

Its a great pleasure for me to come to your blog site and write something here. I am compelled to write today. Living in Mumbai and working in film industry has never kept me away from the land I belong too. I strive to work for it every now and then. Either it is floods of Kosi or taking My project to Bihar and give work to local artists, I always keep "Bihar" in small little things I do in My humble capacity. It comes as pleasant surprise every time I am in Patna, Buxar, Champaran, etc at my relative's places and hear all good things happening around.

I recently was attending Shri Sadguru's public gathering here in Mumbai. He was talking about the development, education, corruption in country. Sadguru was giving example of Bihar when he went there a decade back and the plight was abject. The way he was describing the condition in rural areas was really bothering and grim. But he said that Bihar is seeing complete transformation in last few years and all because of Nitish Kumar. We all know that we the people of Bihar and that area has seen worst social, political and economic condition but under your leadership, not only inside but people outside are also appreciating. Thank you for making and giving us Bihar of our dreams.


Shubham said...

Respected Sir,
Undoubtedly you have done a appreciable job in your tenure. Bihar is certainly rising. We are now feeling much secure.
I wish every offical of Bihar would be as responsible as you. If so our development agenda would have got pace and we would have been in race with other developed states of the country.

The PMC is the worst and the most incapable organisation of the country. It is a toothless tiger. While Bihar is progressing, the colonies are stinking with Garbage, and water logging.

Like the Janta Darbar, there should be an online portal too for filing complains which could be taken seriously.

Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am ur BIG fan. I am sure Bihar will certainly achieve the top under ur guidance. Positive Changes are seen everywhere but Bihar must get the special status so that Bihar can be the developed state by 2015.Now Bihari's are coming back to own state and contibuting their help in developmental proccess. I , myself got transferred from Rajkot to Darbhanga and feeling good changes in all aspects. Poor people are getting much benifits from ur defferent schemes. Hats off to you !

Bikash Kumar Singh

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

First of all congratualate you in getting your goal done & not only me but all Biharis are confident that you will be getting every goal set.

Road condition has been improving but Electricity condition is still pathetic. Dear Sir without electricity & security no one will come to Bihar both has been improving but we need to speed it up. I am not blaming your goverment but what ver done in Jungal raj we need to wipe it out.

I have been working outside Bihar since my strating of engineering job & most of the time in USA & i am a daily viewer of Bihar news from different channels & i always hope to get some positive news of Bihar & in your "Susashan " i am feling it as well.

I am waiting for the wright time when situation in Bihar specially Electricity & Law & order match with Gujarat , i will come back to my state & will start my own business. If we have talent we should give to Bihar & so i will return back. I hope that day may come very soon.

I wanted to meet you in person & talk about how can i support My motherland Bihar. I am ready to open some Mechnical/computer engineering based Industry. Like me there are so many are waiting so if you can check some major issues definately Bihar can grwo four fold than what it is now.

But sir please keep "Bhalu " in control otherwise they can damage Bihar Impression in a second.

Kishoranand Sharma,


Dear Sir,
I am ur big fan.Specially apke dwara corruption ko kam karne ke liye apne jo bhi kadam uthaye wo sarahaniye rhe.Par sir mujhe lgta hai isme aur badlaw ki jarurat hai jaise jab koi bhi officer gush lete pakdaye to kindly uss time ki video recording ki jaye.Hope ki sayad ye idea apko acha lge taki isme nispacktasha bani rhe.
Gaurav Prakash

mridula pradhan said...

apki ungli pakadkar bihar safalta ki sidhiyan chadh raha hai,dekhkar,sunkar badi khushi hoti hai........shubhkamnayen.......

Ghulam Kundanam said...

We support those persons, who will pass “Janlokpal”, “Right to Recall”, “Right to select & elect both free from parties (in the place of “Right to reject”) ”, “bring back black money in nation” and change politics in business of losses.

Party less and profit less democracy will remove Poverty, politics of Vote Bank, Politics of divide and rule, Politics of Caste/Community/Language/State differences, Corruption, Crime, Politics of family etc.

दल रहित और लाभ रहित लोकतंत्र ही देश से वोट बैंक की राजनीती, जाति-संप्रदाय-भाषा- क्षेत्र के भेदभाव की राजनीती, फूट डालो और राज करो की निति, भ्रष्टाचार, परिवारवाद, भाई-भतीजावाद और अन्य कई बुराईयों के साथ साथ गरीबी भी मिटा सकती है.

ॐ . ੴ . اللّٰه . God…….
Madre Watan Hind, Bharat Mata ki Jai.!!
Inqalab Jindabad !!!
Vandey Matram. !!!!
Jai Hind !!!!!

sparsh said...

Dear Sir,
It is a proud for us that we have a politician like you.You are the ideal of youth India.Whatever kind of development you have done in Bihar is always apericiable.I have not gone to my home (Chapra) for a long time but my parents are happy with your work and so i am.

Thanks & Regards:
Sparsh Abhishek.

tatai said...

Dear Sir,

I have always looked upon you as a leader India needs badly at present. The huge flow of words of praise for you and your work speaks for the same.

It would be very kind of you if you could clarify on a small question bothering me of late. Why has the Professional Tax been levied on professionals working in Bihar? I guess the professional class is already the most taxed one, taking into account the plethora of taxes deducted from our income and the ones we pay directly and indirectly for making a livelihood, not to mention the mental pressure of professional life. Could you please justify taxing an already burdened group of people, who probably are contributing the most to the generation of revenue and services for the rest of the society?

Wishing you the best of health and success,

Sayan Sengupta
Barauni Refinery,
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Rehan Hashmi said...

Respected sir
Aaj apke blog pe kaafi din ke baad aapko parha,sahi baat yeh hai ke aapko agar nhi dekhta hoo zindagi adhoori lagti hai,zamana daraaz k baad Bihar ko aap ke netritva mein ek aisa bharosa jaga hai ke yeh baat desh aur videsh mein bhi charcha ka vishay bana hua hai.Aap ki jaisi shaqsiat se poori duniya motassir hai aap ki kushal netritva par bhrosa bhi hai jahaa Bihari kabhi apmaan samjhe jaate thay unko sammanit karne ka kaam bhi aapke netritva duara hua aaj bhrashtachaar ki wajah kar yeh desh bhi bahut apmaanit ho raha hai iss desh ko aazadi karne mein kentni qurbaani deni pari yeh ham sab jaantey hain.Priwaar mein jo barha hota haiusse kuch qurbaani bhi deni parhti hai,apne mann ko marna parta hai.Hum sab jaantey hain ki Bihaar se be-intaha mohabbat hai jiss ka saboot pichle Vidhan sabha mein logo ke bharpoor mohabbat ka izhaar vote ke duara dekh kar hua jo janta ka return gift tha aapko,ussi tarha iss desh ki awwam bhi aap par badi ummeed se dekh rahi hai faisla toh aako karna hai lekin iss desh ko bhrashtrachariyo se agar aap mukt kar dengey unn shaheedo par bard ehsaan hoga jo yeh kate hue chale gaye k AB TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SAATHIYO.
Rehan Hashmi

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitish Jee,

First of all i would like to thank and congratulate you on such fantastic job you have done.Marvelous!!!

Why Bihar can not be cities like New York or Shanghai? Its has lots of talents, think tanks and lots of energy.

Please just not think to equalize it to other developed Indian's cities but to go far ahead of most developed state across the world.

Thanks Again,

Prabhas Kumar,
Dubai, UAE

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitish Jee,

First of all i would like to thank and congratulate you on such fantastic job you have done.Marvelous!!!

Why Bihar can not be cities like New York or Shanghai? Its has lots of talents, think tanks and lots of energy.

Please just not think to equalize it to other developed Indian's cities but to go far ahead of most developed state across the world.

Thanks Again,

Prabhas Kumar,
Dubai, UAE

Prabhas Kumar said...

Dear Nitish Jee,

First of all i would like to thank and congratulate you on such fantastic job you have done.Marvelous!!!

Why Bihar can not be cities like New York or Shanghai? Its has lots of talents, think tanks and lots of energy.

Please just not think to equalize it to other developed Indian's cities but to go far ahead of most developed state across the world.

Thanks Again,

Prabhas Kumar,
Dubai, UAE

anuj nigam said...

Way to go Nitish ji!!! It will take you a decade to clean the mess created by the earlier government but this should not deter you from doing what you have been.I personally like the green bihar initiative of yours.Try to increase the area from 15 to something like 30 percent in the near future.And please start thinking of making Bihar an industrial hub now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I liked your innovative idea towards dealing with corruption.

I would request you to kindly also give the inter linking of rivers in the state a shot. It would serve a dual purpose of controlling floods and irrigation. I know it might sound as a technologically challenging job but please think about this as it would help in increasing the incomes and hence their prosperity.

Congratulations and wish you all the luck in helping all of us

Ramesh Sharma said...

Respected Nitish Ji

I currently live in Toronto but still cherish the privileged moment of having met you in the early nineties at Katra Vaishno Devi during your visit to Vaishno Devi Ji, Hotel Sripati where I was also staying.

I must compliment you for the GREAT WORK that your Government is doing in Bihar, under your able administration.

Transforming building owned by corrupt official in to school for underprivileged children is greatest good news for every Indian to be proud of, in India or abroad. Here in Toronto we often discuss and admire your transformation of ravaged Bihar to a place which Amitabh Bachhan, during his recent visit said, "looks better than Mumbai"

I only hope that other politicians of Indian draw inspiration from your thought process and method of Governance and help India make a Corruption Free society.

Even after 17-18 years after a brief meeting with you at Katra, I still remember your liking for a local sweet of Jammu called "Sund Panjiri"

With Very warm Regards

anujsinghspeaks said...

nitishji,u have shown to world what one person with good intension & strong willpower can do..may god give u good health & longlife to continue working for betterment of people of bihar..

Ranjan said...

Hi All,

This is to inform you all that new IT policy has been posted on below mentioned site:-
Please check whosoever want to set up an IT Enterprise.


Ranjan Kumar

RAVI makhdumpur said...

dear nitish ji
i am very happy to read this blog.
so i congrates you to the development of bihar


MOBILE NO:- 7417077429

RAVI makhdumpur said...

भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ राज्य सरकार की ओर से उठाये गए कठोर कदमों के लिये आपको और आपकी सरकार को मेरी ओर से अन्तःकरण से धन्यवाद |

आपसे से विनम्र निवेदन है कि यह कठोर कदम केवल अधिकारीयों/कर्मचारियों तक सीमित न रहे बल्कि इसकी व्यापकता विध्यानकों/सांसदों/मंत्रियों और सत्ता के शीर्ष पर बैठे लोगों तक हो|

एक और बात पर आपका ध्यान आकर्षित करना चाहूँगा | एक नया "ट्रेंड" देखने को मिल रहा है | आपकी सरकार के भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी मुहीम को सामने रख कर कार्यालयों में ज्यादा "वसूली" की जा रही है .....और कहा जा रहा है कि "सरकार एकदम टाईट है ...रिस्क पर आपका काम करेंगे ...इसीलिए चार्ज थोडा ज्यादा देना पड़ेगा" | इस कुप्रथा को अतिशीघ्र मिटाने की आवश्यकता है|

चिकित्सा सेवा

इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं कि बिहार के चिकित्सा सेवा में आशातीत सुधर हुआ है| फिर भी कुछ कमियों को दूर करना अभी भी बांकी है
| हम आपका ध्यान भौतिक पुनर्वास (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Speech Therapy) की ओर आकृष्ट कराना चाहेंगे .....चिकित्सा की इस विधा में हमारा राज्य अभी भी पीछे है| जबकि हमारे राज्य के चिकित्सक दूसरे राज्यों में अपनी सेवा दे रहे हैं |
Mobile no: 7417077429

RAVI makhdumpur said...

thanku sir to try the development of bihar

ravi ranjan kumar
makhdumpur(jehanabad) bihar
moble no: 7417077429



There is no doubt that u are able to uplift the image of bihar.......but what about higher education.......i wonder why your are not serious about the establishment of AMU Centre at Kishanganj which don't have a single institute to provide quality higher education.......please take a constructive step towards higher education if u are dreaming of a developed bihar

all d best!!!

Sweta said...

Dear Nitish Ji,

I have full respect and faith in you, that Bihar will touch new heights in your leadership. Now, you are known for taking big decisions and grabbing attention of media and the entire nation for your developmental process in the state.

But don't forget to ignore small issues of Patnaites, they are not just residents of the city but also your promoters of good works to the world.

I have small request to you- please end the stalemate between your govt and safai workers' agencies/union, which strike has left most of the localities with piling of stinking garbage.
That may cause epidemic like situation if the garbages were not lifted soon.

People are dumping garbage in their backyard or empty plots.

We want neat and clean Patna, not a stinking Patna. Don't think this is my individual complaint, this is the problem of every home.

Please act soon or impact of this stink will reach you soon, causing nausea. Pliz sir..


Rukanpura, Patna

Rajesh said...

Respected Sir,
I really appreciate the works you have done for Bihar. I guess 1st time in my life I feel great for my state Bihar. Reason of pride is one and only one and that's our CM. I know my state very closely because 1st I belong to a very middle class family of the state who's main source of livelihood is education and 2nd I had done my initial struggle to get into IIT in that state only. Now settled in the United States but dream destination to settle is still Patna. I apologize for digressing from the main subject. So as I know my state pretty well, I should salute you to fighting battles at all the fronts as a single man army. I know under your leadership Bihar has achieved a stage where fundamentals are looking good even though some basic issues of electricity and water still exist. Now the time has come to go for 2nd leg of development. Reduce the unemployment, increase industrialization, set-up some world class technical institutions.
It may be too much of expectations in the short duration; however, I know we are setting-up the expectations from the best person for the job. I would like to see some highlights in the area of unemployment, industrialization and technical institutions in your next blog.
Thank you sir for doing a great job for Bihar.
Best regards,
West Hartford, CT,USA

अजय केशरी said...

माननीय नीतीश कुमार जी आपने भ्रष्टाचार उन्मूलन का जो रास्ता अख्तियार किया है वह सराहनीय है तथा लोक सेवको में एक डर का वातावरण भी व्याप्त होगा, जिसका परिणाम यह होगा कि रिश्वतखोरी पर अंकुश लगेगा। यह आपके सरकार के द्वारा उठाया गया सराहनीय कदम है। साथ ही राज्य में ''राइट टू पब्लिक सर्विस ऐक्‍ट'' लागू कर बिहार वाशियों को सरकारी दफ्तरों के चक्कर लगवाने से भी मुक्ति दिलवाई।
आपकी सोंच में दूरदर्शिता है और यही कारण है कि आज शहर, गावं और कस्बो में पढने वाले बच्चो कि संख्या में रोज इज़ाफ़ा हो रहा है यह मुख्‍यमंत्री साईकिल योजना का ही परिणाम है। आज यह बच्चे पढ़ रहे है कल यही बच्चे एक पढ़े लिखे स्वस्थ समाज और राष्ट का निर्माण करेंगे।
"हरित बिहार" अभियान में भी आपकी दूरदर्शिता ही है जो पर्यावरण मुक्त बिहार बनाना चाहते है। जैसे मुख्यमंत्री साईकिल योजना में है।
आपके कार्यो से साफ झलकता है क़ी भावी बिहार के लिए आपने कैसे सपने पाले है। आज़ादी के बाद बिहार के आप पहले मुख्यमंत्री है जो पुरे बिहार को ही अपना घर समझते है और घर को कैसे साफ सुन्दर और स्वच्छ बनाया जाय उसके सपने बुनते है।

jitu said...

Until and unless it is applied to any sitting or former MP/MLA it would not get his goal. There must be many MP/MLA having more asset than their income.

Anonymous said...

for astrological emergence of Bihar and its present CM, refer following link-

AECHKEY said...

village panchayats need to trained to achieve maximum benefit from govt plans.Participation of everybody in process should be encouraged,everybody has some idea for his panchayat which can bring economic self sufficiency to the villagers.Experts can study and improve upon a project for utmost benefit.They can even enlarge its dimension to other panchayats.Sir,coordinated support can make Bihar villages produce most enviable results.

Abishek Priyadarshi said...

Additionally, i would like to flag this one point made by a fellow blogger already which I also encountered and is rampent in government offices today.

"एक और बात पर आपका ध्यान आकर्षित करना चाहूँगा | एक नया "ट्रेंड" देखने को मिल रहा है | आपकी सरकार के भ्रष्टाचार विरोधी मुहीम को सामने रख कर कार्यालयों में ज्यादा "वसूली" की जा रही है .....और कहा जा रहा है कि "सरकार एकदम टाईट है ...रिस्क पर आपका काम करेंगे ...इसीलिए चार्ज थोडा ज्यादा देना पड़ेगा" | इस कुप्रथा को अतिशीघ्र मिटाने की आवश्यकता है|"

They are using it as an excuse to not act, even in genuine cases. "inquiry ho jayega". To make them use there descretion, they demand money. Therefore, one has to shell out even for genuine works. Therefore, Some people are of the openion that Nitish Kumar's government is even more corrupt! Then there are other genuine people who also say,

"pehley paise de kar kaam ho bhi jaata tha... ab to wo bhi nahi hota!"



Meridith Warner said...

Great information shared in the post A promise fulfilled, ………….. but my fight against corruption will go on. Its really awesome and very well written.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitish ji,

Despite all your good & honest efforts, the demon of corruption instead of dying down, is on an increase in its ferociousness. The ground reality is far removed from what meets the eye. I think, the solution lies in fixing the target on daily basis on each & every public servant(none excluded) & holding them accountable for it on the same day. If the target is not achieved, one must have absolute valid reason(s) for it. No public servant must be allowed to go home unless he has completed his day's task.

Of all, public servants at panchayat level are the most corrupt ones. You also need to look at strengthening the Gram Sabhas which is virtually non existent. One way of checking corruption at this level could be as follows:-

That Gram Sabha nominates 21 members for an year to see & certify all the works being undertaken by Mukhiyas. All 21 must append their signature at the completion certificate once the work completes. Further, 2/3 of the members must change every year. This will help check corruption coz the perpetrators of corruption can not afford to bribe, influence or appease 2/3 members on year to year basis.
There are numerous ways to check corruption provided there is will to do so.

Warm Regards
A true resident of Bihar

Raju Kumar said...

Dear Sir

Nice to see ur effort put towards the eradication of corruption from Bihar state & make it a neat & clean state.

But to my utter dismay I would like to bring to your notice that the implementation of this anti corruption crusade is in vain in the Police Department(especially in the Bottom Level).

So, kindly do something in this regard to eradicate (prevailing in this Dept.) it from the root so that the people (the weaker section) may have faith & get justice.

Sanjay Pandey said...

Dear Chief Minister ,Bihar.

I, Sanjay Pandey, a citizen of Bihar, is extremely happy to know that our leader stkll understands the need and the anger of the people of Bihar. You had taken us (Bihar) from days when our life as barbarian as Hobbes had mentioned " short brutish and short" to realm where we can live in peace, dignity and dream of development .
As you have rekindled our dreams, our demand from you has gone up. so now you can see us demanding about an administration which does not demand Rs 50 for caste certificate or RS 5 for giving out some information. These things were there in the past for a long period but then we were more engrossed in saving our lives and dignity . But now as you have ensured us peace and dignity so we are demanding a responsive administration , which take care of us as our leader wants them to do.

Sanjay Pandey

VKS said...

Respected Sir,
I'm very happy with the work you have done till now, but i think you still need to go more farther, and there's a lot of work more to be done. And especially, there's a lot more to be done on the ground. I think you must try to know about your work on the ground because only by passing law is not enough, you must make sure that those laws are implemented on the grounds as well. Do these and you will be in the hearts of all.

With Regards
your's aam janta

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